Playing tag with Alfie!

Claudia Highland Champion of Breed  2012 & 2013
Ready for riding out
Peek a Boo!!
Farm Trekking
I hope you've had your spinach today! John
Shower time for Milly
Milly herding the geese

A souvenir gift pack including Personalised Certificate.


Digital Photos can be taken of your experience when requested, giving you fantastic memories of your unique time spent at Blackstone Clydesdales.

The Experience....

On arrival you will be greeted at the centre, we will discuss what you would like and will be doing for your unique time with us, conduct the essential safety briefing and get you kitted out with hi-vis waistcoat and a safety hat if required

Our aim is to give you the chance to get a taste for what life is like looking after and preparing some of our amazing Clydesdale horses, by getting hands-on.

This is a very individual experience and will vary depending on your requirements, weather and the farms needs.

    Gem, Maytime & John at Blackstone Clydesdaels
Herding the Geese at Blackstone Clydesdales
Nose to Nose at Blackstone Clydesdales
Moo 'Diny ken whit a' the fuss is aboot" at Blackstone Clydesdales

View at Blackstone Clydesdales on top of Iron Ore Bing

Alfie on the cart at Blackstone Clydesdales

The Glen at Blackstone Clydesdales


As your Experience is tailored to suit you. You can enjoy interacting with all the animals on the farm, Ride or Drive the Clydesdale horses, halter the Alpacas, Mischievous Donkeys or Bachy and Claudia the Highland Coos, and take them a walk. Assist in washing, grooming, mucking out, tacking up, walking and feeding the animals, giving you an insight into their lives.

For the more experienced riders, why not try your hand at herding on horseback or bareback riding


We are very flexible and try not to have a set routine as everybody has a different idea of what fun is!

If you don’t like something while visiting, we can mix it up.


We do both assisted riding if you do not have any riding experience and individual riding if you have riding experience on both types of riding you will be accompanied by an experienced handler



Highland Girls " here they come again" at Blackstone Clydesdales


We can see the Carrick Hills from Blackstone Clydesdales





On the Farm


Farm Trek

After tacking up, a leisurely trek over the beautiful and relaxing farm land, amongst the cattle and sheep, up and over the old iron ore works following the winding burn to the woodlands enjoying the varied riding terrain available, you may even be lucky and spot one of the many wild animals, local to the area.

 Park, Woodland & local Estate Trek

OFF Farm Trek

Off Farm - Park, Woodland & Local Estate


Two, Three and Four hour experience only. After tacking up, trekking along the public Woodroad Park walkway, following Auchinleck burn to local Dumfries Estate grounds making your way back to the farm through Knockroon Woods, enjoying the beautiful scenery as you go.

Family Time....  

Unique experience and FUN for ALL the family

Family Time is a fun filled two hours experience using two Riding Clydesdales with everybody getting up close, John is on hand to give guidance and answer all you questions when Interacting will all the animals, meet, touch and feed them offering children and adults alike an insight into their lives

Children can be of any age as parent/guardian hold responsibility on the day.

Standard Family Time is a maximum of 4 children with two supervising parents or guardians.


Children must be able to support their own body weight, and be properly fitted with a safety hat. We have the smallest hats available and our priority is to keep your child safe. If the hat does not fit, unfortunately they cannot ride.


                        FUN Time                      

Family Time

FUN Time

Beach Ride....

The great outdoors the perfect place to refresh both body and soul
Blackstone Clydesdales Heavy Horse Riding at Ayr SeashoreBeach Riding
Beach Riding Blackstone Clydesdales Horse Riding at Ayr Seashore

Blackstone Clydesdales Horse Riding at Ayr Seashore

On the Beach

Two hour experience only.

Why not enjoy the Clydesdales at an Ayrshire beach. Give us a call to discuss further.


Please note the beach experience is time restricted and seasonal

Join the family for a Light farmhouse lunch or picnic (weather permitting) available by request only

Throughout your visit, centre owner John will be on hand, to guide you through your experience.



Mobile: 07785 522 735       Landline: 01290 421 639