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Try our DIGGER Experience withExperience the exhilaration with all types of excavators, learn about their uses, and feel first hand the excitement of the digger. The next time you see a big yellow JCB construction digger, you won't have to wonder what it's like to drive one

Not just Clydesdales!

I think I'm being followed...
Here’s looking at you kid

Feeding time
Babys Muscovy Ducks at Blackstone Clydesdales
Muscovy Babies at their morning meeting!!





Blackstone Farm Tour

Blackstone Walking Farm Tour £15.00 per person

[ Party of 3 and over £10.00 per person ]


One Hour experience only

A guided walking tour of Blackstone farm with your personal guide, meeting our amazing Clydesdale horses and all the farm animals including the farm favourites oor Highland Coo's, getting up close and personal while finding out about our Blackstone family and history.


Blackstone Clydesdales Alfie and Randolf dressed to impress

Dressed to impress

Cheeky Donkeys



Born: 24th June 2009




Born: April 2011

Henrietta at Blackstone Clydesdaels

Henrietta is a dark brown filly, our very own cheeky donkey full of mischief, always finding her way around the obstacles to get what she wants........ which usually leads to trouble!

Bubbles kissing Hogan at Blackstone Clydesdales

Sunday Name - Blackstone Bubbles, she is a dark gray filly that mimics everything Henrietta does they have a great friendship and have become inseparable.

Why not take Henrietta or Bubbles for a walk; both girls are halter trained and walk easily beside you or they can accompany you on a farm trek through the fields for some fun.  

The Alpaca Boys  

The boys make wonderful watch animals for our sheep, geese, hens and ducks as they are highly sensitive to strangers in the camp in the shape of foxes or unfamiliar dogs.

Glynn, Carlos, Hayden and Murro at Blackstone Clydesdales

You can hand feed and even halter one of the boys and take them for a walk. The boys are gentle, curious creatures, who will happily nibble from your hand even give you big wet kiss.

Murro after being relieved of his winter coat at Blackstone Clydesdales     


Born: 3rd May 2007

Dark Fawn male Huacaya he is a bully beef protector, always first to eat.

     Hayden at Blackstone Clydesdaels     


Born: 10th June 2008

Dark Brown male Huacaya, the cheeky boy, with his fluffy ears and the first to be curious.

Glynn at Blackstone Clydesdales        


Born: 8th June 2008

Light Fawn male Huacaya, was the shy boy, he has now progressed to be the leader of the boys.


Carlos at Blackstone Clydesdales



Born: 11th July 2010

Light Fawn male Huacaya our lovable kissing boy and with his white face and piercing blue eyes he is just adorable.

In June/July each year the boys are sheared for their beautiful wool, this is also a vital health check. Toes are cut and teeth are ground down. Dates vary annually, shearing dates will be confirmed on our Facebook page nearer to the month of June if you would like to take part.

The Highlander Girlies

Take a brave pill and interact with Bachy, and the highland girlies by feeding, brushing or walking.

Claudia and Adam at Blackstone ClydesdalesClaudia is a little feisty but becomes putty
and a big softy when she is being brushed.

Bachy at Blackstone Clydesdales

Bachy our inquisitive girl and loves the attention
Highland Girlies walking out at Blackstone Clydesdales
Highland Girlies walking out......why not
take a stroll with them!!!

Geese, Hens, Ducks

Jock at Blackstone Clydesdales      Goosey Loosey's at Blackstone Clydesdales      Babys Muscovy Ducks at Blackstone Clydesdales
Jock to Cock
The Geese
The Muscovy Babies
Farm eggs from Blackstone Clydesdales     

Still looking for something to do you can feed our geese, ducks, pea fowel and hens or you can even collect your own fresh eggs which you can purchase at a small cost. Duck or Geese eggs available from Mid February until Mid April only

Fresh farm Eggs
The Silkies



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