Aw! Cuddles!!Race on....
Horse and Cart - Digger all dressed upDigger all dressed up!
Were are off again girls, get ready to rumble....

Afternoon gallop

Look Out.....

Don't know what all the fuss is about!!!!

Right girls a gentle walk home...

What a view...

Time for a little afternoon nap

Captain "peek a boo" at Blackstone Clydesdales

Peek a Boo.......

Walking the dogs at Blackstone Clydesdales

Walking the dogs....



The Clydesdales - Introducing the Gang!


Clydesdale Heavy Horse Digger

Born: 1st May 1995


Digger, the grandfather of the farm, 17.1hh handsome black gelding. He is the versatile schoolmaster who knows and sees all! Retired from the cart he is a very affectionate riding horse good for beginners and an all round favourite.



Clydesdale Brood Mare LilyBorn: 16th April 1995


Sunday Name - Green Manor Mayflower's Lily, Lily was gifted to Blackstone Clydesdales by the late Mr Frew's family. Lily is the Grandma of the farm matching Digger in his age and wisdom, she is a great addition to the riding Clydesdale gang for 2013

Sunday Name: Howgillside Mayflower, a feisty roan brood mare standing 17.1hh always eager to learn, she is forward going for seasoned riders and likes nothing better than a good old canter. Mother to Lucky Boy.


MayflowerRiding Clydesdale Heavy Horse Mayflower

Born: 11th May 2005


Sunday Name: Millhill Gem, the top dog of the horsey gang, bay brood mare standing 17hh, you can pick her out from the crowd by her very distinctive dark flowing mane and tail. Gem is proving to be gentle, reliable, good all rounder. Mother to Honey Blossom



Clydesdale Riding Heavy Horse GemBorn: 9th June 2007


Riding Heavy Clydesdale Horse MayTimeBorn: 24th May 2005


Sunday Name - Broadyards Maytime, bay brood mare standing 17.1hh, a good size for a mare. She is a bright, pretty horse with a calm temperament and has taken to her new life with Magi as a ridden Clydesdale well. Maytime is a great mother to Mischief, Missy, Milly, Bonnie Lass and Granny to Breacán Boy.



Born: 25th March 2010


Sunday Name - Blackstone Missy, bay cheeky filly, so laid back she is almost horizontal! loves nothing better than larking about with sister Milly.

2013 saw Andy training Missy in saddle, she is a great addition to the Clydesdale gang.

Sunday Name - Clerkington Captain, spirited black gelding already standing at 18.2 hh. Captain is a typical young boy just looking for trouble, with his long gait he is for the experianced rider who likes speed!



Riding Clydesdale Heavy Horse Captain

Born: 3rd April 2008


Sunday Name - Dairylough Alfie no nonsense 18hh bay gelding, who takes everything in his stride and loves to please. He doubles in the cart with his friend Randolf, he is a great addition to our riding Clydesdales.



Heavy Horse Riding Clydesdale and Cart Horse Alfie

Born: 29th April 2007


Riding Clydesdale and Heavy Cart horse RandolfBirth: 24th May 2007


Sunday Name - Blackstone Randolf, spirited 18hh bay gelding a favourite for 2014. He arrived as a cart horse with Alfie and has taken to riding like a duck to water! he is spirited for seasoned riders, but really a big gentle giant!!


Lucky Boy

Cydesdale Colt Foal Lucky Boy

Born: 2nd March 2012


Sunday Name - Blackstone Lucky Boy, bay colt who is a wee tinker, always getting himself in to trouble with the other animals and inseparable from his buddy Bentley. Lucky will be in line to be studding for 2016.

Sunday Name - Bentley, no airs and graces in this wee chappy, he is a handsome bay colt with dark flowing mane, tail and a loving personality. Who could not love Bentley? He will be a great addition to the riding Clydesdale gang in late 2014-15,


BentleyClydesdale Colt Heavy Horse Bently

Born: 21st January 2011


Sunday name - Blackstone Milly, bay filly, full sister to Missy, half sister to Mischief and Bonnie, she is always looking for attention. New name "Miss Grumpy" as she was stabled for six months due to a fall in 2012. She has now returned to the paddocks with her sisters and still retains her "Miss Grumpy" title....



Clydesdale Filly Milly

Born: 21st March 2011

Highflyer [AKA Sunny]

Clydesdale Colt Sunny at Blackstone Clydesdales

Born: 18th May 2011


Sunday Name - Blackstone Highflyer, He is our fiery Stallion of the Farm, who is already standing 17.2hh. He is the star of John's breeding program for 2014-15, with thanks to Mr Muir and Family He is egar to learn and has taken to his training in saddle and cart well. Watch this space....



[AKA Stevi]

Riding Heavy Clydesdale Horse Millie Mischief

Birth: 16th May 2009



Sunday Name - Aird Millie Mischief, 17.1hh brood mare and as her name suggests full of mischief. An inquisitive bay filly half sister the Missy, Milly and Bonnie. Mischief is a bright eye and bushy tail kind of gal. Mischief joined the riding gang summer 2013. Mum to Breacán Boy



Clydesdale Filly Foal Bonny

Born: 15th April 2013




Clydesdale Colt Foal Breacan

Born: 12th May 2013

Sold to Vicky, March 2014





Riding Clydesdale Heavy Horse Mayflower

Born: 8th July 2013



Summer 2013

Riding Clydesdale and Heavy Cart horse Randolf  

Riding Heavy Clydesdale Horse Millie Mischief

  Cydesdale Colt Sunny winning ribbons for Blackstone Clydesdales   Cydesdale Colt Sunny winning ribbons for Blackstone Clydesdales

Clydesdale Riding Horse Missy  

Riding Clydesdale and Heavy Cart horse Randolf

  Heavy Riding Clydesdale Horse Mayflower with Lucky Boy

Riding Clydesdale and Heavy Cart horse Randolf  

Riding Heavy Clydesdale Horse Millie Mischief

  Cydesdale Colt Sunny winning ribbons for Blackstone Clydesdales   Cydesdale Colt Sunny winning ribbons for Blackstone Clydesdales



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